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Claiming UIF Retirement Benefits

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Retiring? Don’t forget those UIF benefits. These benefits are paid for a period of 12 months, and it can take some time for the process to complete, so it is imperative that you start the process as soon as possible when approaching your retirement date.


It is important to remember that you do not qualify for UIF benefits should you retire early (under 60).

We ask a once-off fee of R850 and do not charge a commission on your claim. Benefits are paid directly into your bank account.

UIF Connect will provide you with the necessary documents for a retirement claim, we will assist you in filling out the documents, and we will check that the documents are correct. Due to Labour's POPIA restrictions, you will be required to submit all documents to Labour yourself, but we will provide you with all the email addresses and information you need to do this, and we will advise you on how to follow up on your claim with Labour. Once your claim has been approved we will submit the continuation needed for your payments every month.

Some General FAQ's

Who can claim Retirement UIF benefits through UIF Connect?

  • You can claim retirement benefits if you have retired from employment and will not be seeking further employment. You can not claim if you have taken early retirement.

  • You can claim retirement benefits through us if you are a South African national and have a barcoded ID book.

How much can I expect to receive?

  • The fund pays 38% ‐ 58 % of your gross salary, capped at a ceiling salary of R14 872.00.

  • Payments are calculated as ‘credits’, and credits are calculated based on your last 48 months of employment.

  • You may claim for up to 238 consecutive days, dependant on the amount of credits you have accumulated on the system in the past 48 months.

When can I claim?

  • You can file a claim as soon as your retirement takes effect, but we can get all the documents ready in advance.

  • You MUST apply within 6 months from the date of retirement, provided you have enough credits on the system to do so.

How long do claims take to be processed?

  • Provided that your employment records are up to date on the Department’s system for the past 48 months, a retirement claim takes on average 4-6 weeks to process. In order for your claim to be processed quickly and efficiently by the Department of Labour, it is important to make sure that all your employment records are up to date on their system. Incomplete records will cause delays, and you would be required to contact employers, past and current, if this is not complete.

  • Once approved, we will file an initial continuation of benefits form on your behalf, and again every 30-35 days thereafter, until your calculated benefits have been paid in full.

How will I receive my funds?

  • When you apply with us, you will be asked to provide proof of banking details. These details are then registered on the Department’s system, and they will pay your benefits directly into your bank account.

  • The Department takes on average 7-10 days to process a continuation form and make payment, so your payments will not necessarily be received on the same day each month.

For any further queries on claiming for retirement benefits, you are welcome to email us for assistance. If you are ready for us to proceed with your claim, kindly use our online application form above.

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